Energy Efficiency Ideas

Fun Projects That Also Save Energy

Let’s face it, adding insulation to you attic and caulking your bathtub and sealing pipes is useful and saves money and makes us more comfortable year round.  No one can argue the fact but…. if you are gong to be in your home for a few years and are considering some home improvements, there are some things that you can do to not only make your home more energy efficient but look nicer at the same time.

Architectural lighting is a great area to consider energy efficient lighting.  Custom LED lighting for outdoor spaces is becoming very popular.  Having traditional incandescent lighting on year round definitely adds to the energy bill.  Swapping out or designing in energy efficient LED’s can not only create beauty but can help shave off some of your energy bill as well.

Another common project is redesigning the kitchen.  Onyx and Corian counter tops look great and are a very popular addition to a kitchen these days.  Down lighting and incandescent high energy spot lights were often used to add accent lighting to these areas.  While they do look great, they add a lot of heat in the summer time and suck energy year round.  Instead you may want to consider a back-light effect on a wall by using custom sized LED panels.   They have years of experience and are great to work with.  They can fit almost any area and a professional lighting company can easily blend in the back lighting into your decor.  These panels are high tech, and very thin.  Best of all they use very little energy.  At the same time you can use LED down light fixtures vs. incandescent.  They look great and do not heat up like incandescent lights.  There is a company we can recommend just over the bridge above Philly called CPD Lighting. You can check out their site here...

Another area that is fun is of course the bathroom, but before we give you any ideas we need permission from your wife first!

No matter what you decide, remember, design and energy efficiency do not have to be an either or with todays great selection of LED and other energy efficient lighting options available.




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